Serving Collectors and Investors for Over 50 Years. Deal of the Day. The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf has a very high purity level at 99.99% fine and at 5 Canadian Dollars has the highest face value among international Silver bullion coins. Coin Designs The design of the Canadian Maple Leaf has undergone annual changes that […]

Serving Collectors and Investors for Over 50 Years. Deal of the Day. Surrounding the reverse design are inscriptions CANADA, 9999, FINE SILVER, 2 OZ, ARGENT PUR and the initials GG for the designer. The obverse design features the Susan Blunt effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Obverse inscriptions include ELIZABETH II, D G REGINA, […]

1918 Twenty Five Cent Coin. George V 1911 – 1936. Issue Year 1918 King George V. Weight: 5.83 grams. Diameter: 23.62 mm. Coin’s grading with our reference is: MS63+ (Mint State 63+). The pictures above show the actual item. Highlighting all possible flaws. Please make your judgment on the condition of the coin with reference […]

The reverse design features the five legendary captains of the Star Trek franchise. From left to right Benjamin Sisko (portrayed by Avery Brooks), Jonathan Archer (portrayed by Scott Bakula), James T. Kirk (portrayed by Canadian actor William Shatner), JeanLuc Picard (portrayed by Sir Patrick Stewart) and Kathryn Janeway (portrayed by Kate Mulgrew). Glow-in-the-dark elements reveal […]

Brand new in original Canadian Mint box. Only 5,000 set made. 14 days return accepted. This unique set features all the pennys designs throughout Canadian history! On January 2, 1908, Countess Alice Grey, wife of Canadas ninth Governor-General, Albert Henry George Grey, struck Canadas first domestically produced coin: a 1-cent piece. In 1911, the ascension […]