Gold Plated Silver Proof? This gilded silver proof is the first release of a three-coin series produced by the Royal Canadian Mint commemorating advancements in Canadian locomotive technology. At the time of Canada’s Confederation in 1867, the 4-4-0 Locomotive was the most heavily used steam engine, and one of the first to utilize the newly […]

Why add this 2015 Silver Proof featuring the distinct Maple Leaf shape to your collection? This is the first 1 ounce silver maple leaf-shaped coin to be issued by the Royal Canadian Mint! The sugar maple leaf is one of the most recognized Canadian national symbols, and is frequently represented on Canadian coinage. Struck from […]

Store Category: Canada 150. 2017 – Canada 150 – Our Home and Native Land – Silver Dollar 7-Coin Proof Set. Canada is a land of opportunity, and a nation whose landscapes are transformed by the seasonsincluding the autumn colours of our most cherished national emblem. It’s defined by cultural diversity and shared values, as well […]

2012 – 2017 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Reverse Proof Lunar Set – Lot of 6. Lot includes the 6 most recent issues of the Royal Canadian Mint’s Reverse Proof Maple Leaf. 2012 lunar dragon privy. 2013 lunar snake privy. 2014 lunar horse privy. 2015 lunar goat privy. 2016 lunar monkey privy. 2017 lunar rooster privy. […]

The massive, three-horned skull of the storied. Imagine the thrill of unearthing the bones of a prehistoric monster, a mysterious creature the likes of which the world had never before seen. This was the scene near Denver, Colorado in 1887, when the first Triceratops skull, with its long, forward facing horns and wide frill was […]

Canada 1950 Silver Dollar George VI. ICCS MS 65 CH # 1950 Rev-007. One of the really interesting Silver Dollar Varieties of 1950. Shows “Logs on the Island” in front of the native American. Coin is very well struck with good eye appeal. Great addition to a sophisticated Dollar Collection! See scans and you be […]