Item: i79862 Authentic Coin of. Queen: 6 February 1952-present 300th Anniversary of the Griffon 1979 Silver Dollar 36mm (23.33 grams) 0.500 Silver 0.3750 oz. ASW Reference: KM# 124 Certification: NGC. SP 68 2835411-004 ELIZABETH II D·G·REGINA, Portrait facing right, name around. Canada is a country, consisting of ten provinces and three territories, in the northern […]

Crafted with 0.9999 fine silver, this uncirculated coin weighs 1ozt and has a total precious metal content of 5ozt. The coin features a beautiful Canadian Maple Leaf design and has not been graded or certified. The 5ozt coin is composed of pure silver and is a perfect addition to any coin collection. Order now and […]